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Missed Giving Tuesday?  No problem... 

It's not too late to donate in support of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.  

Donate to our DifferenceMaker10K  End of the Year  Fundraiser 

Thank You for Your Generosity

Your donation will help to support our vision of cultivating a culture that protects and empower children and their families to PREVENT the experience of child sexual abuse.  As a result, the statistics of trauma-filled communities and PTSD from unresolved childhood sexual trauma that stifles the health, safety, and sustainability of communities will be reduced.  A contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated as every penny has its purpose in helping fulfill the mission here at Resuscitate Inc. We are grateful to have this opportunity to serve multitudes, but we can't do it without your support. Join us as we create change within the hearts, lives, and circumstances of youth and families by preventing generations from the paralysis caused by Child Sexual Abuse.

Thank you for your generosity.

3 Simple Donation Steps:

1. Complete Form (1st time donors only) 2. Select Submit   3. Make Donation

*(Repeat donors select "Givelify" button only)

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When you invest in Resuscitate Inc., you provide us with the resources we need to scale, expand and touch more lives. The human impact is real, it's profound and you are a part of that. Thank you for joining us as we continue to change the lives of children in our communities and abroad.



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