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Our Founder

Dr. Nicolle Byrd-Stephens

 "My Presence Has Purpose and My Purpose Has Power

Dr. Nicolle Byrd-Stephens has served communities notably as a change agent for more than three decades. She started as a student at Jack Yates High School as a peer counselor for the Over the Hill recovery organization. She was featured in her first city-wide publication, the Houston Chronicle as a community leader through her church for the Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” initiatives. She was later published in multiple publications including the LaVida News Weekly as “Citizen of the Week”. She also received honorary commendations from Houston Mayors for impacting the lives of Katrina and approximately 4000 Harvey victims within a 2-month timetable.

Her credentials are numerous which include multiple degrees, graduating Summa Cum Laude with honors, and being valedictorian for both her master's and doctoral programs. She also has received numerous certifications including Victim and Crisis Chaplaincy with Psychological First aid, serving with Law Enforcement to help manage family trauma from death notifications relating to victims, Youth Protection Training (Boy Scouts of America), Stewards of Children Authorized Facilitator (Darkness 2 Light) and most importantly, she is a Credible Messenger due to her life experience as a Survivor Thriver of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, attempted suicides, homelessness, living in a crack house and mother of a murdered son.

Despite life’s challenges, Dr. Nicolle’s work has always selflessly extended beyond her, so that she could equip and advocate for the health and wholeness of the voiceless, broken, discouraged, and disenfranchised. She knows too well the trauma of sexual abuse as a child progressively into adulthood and the dreadful, dead-end roads, left unresolved, the suppressed pain can lead to.  However, she is very well known to the grace of God and the possible reality of living a healthy and whole life, free of the trauma traps that hinder true liberty, peace, and mental stability.

As CEO and Founder of Resuscitate Inc., Dr. Nicolle is humbly, yet intentionally committed to providing prevention education and awareness tools that can help mitigate the risks of any child ever experiencing sexual abuse and preserving future generations from ever needing intervention. Ultimately, her vision is to expand Resuscitate Inc to an international table that will address the cause of protection for children and healing for survivors glocally: international with a local touch.

She’s reminded daily that she is blessed to be able to embrace hope, faith and love despite the trauma.  Child Sexual Abuse is 100% Preventable and we all have a role to play towards its extinction.

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