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Our Latest Blog Entry

We can no longer allow ignorance to be an excuse to not protecting our children.  When we are educated, we can help prevent child sexual abuse in our families, communities and abroad.

Our Second Blog Entry

How many times have we been guilty as a community to label children with behavioral challenges as "bad" actors?  So many children have suffered behind pre and mal-judgments of adults that were not aware of the hidden traumas that plagued so many young lives.  We must do better, get educated and ask the hard, uncomfortable questions.  Find the root, maybe you'll find the solution to helping a child heal.

Our First Blog Entry

Child Sexual Abuse is one of the most prevalent public health issues.  However, it seems to be such a silent subject rarely spoken of.  Whether directly or indirectly it should matter.  Children have suffered for centuries because adults have either turned their heads to ignore, participated or have been completely ignorant of its existence. Well, to remain silent or ignorant is a danger to children and future generations, but provides a field of harvest for the perpetrators.  Get Trained to Help Prevent CSA and Protect Our Children! 

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