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Programs and Services

CEU Training

Stewards of Children is 2.5 hours of Child Sexual Abuse prevention training offered to Professionals and Community Adults.  Participants will learn the 5 Steps to CSA to mitigate risks of possible issues within their respective organizations.  

Who should attend?

Any person or organization(s) that provide services or are in the proximity of children 17 and younger.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Educators 
  • Schools, Daycares, etc
  • Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
  • Sports Teams, Cheer Teams
  • Community Organizations
  • Family Leaders

YouthWise Prevention  

YouthWise is a value-based 8-hour prevention camp for middle to high-school-aged youth, designed to equip youth with tools:

  •  to know and understand their rights, roles, and responsibilities
  •  positive personal leadership
  •  healthy boundaries
  • decision making 
  • life skills 
  • Hands Off CSA Prevention
  • Self Defense Training
to help them grow into healthy, abuse-free adolescents and adults.

Upon completion, the youth will receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • 12 Hours of Community Service Credit

Power of Parents 

P.O.P. is a value-based workshop for parents or parent organizations, strategically designed to support and help with navigation through the sensitive topics and questions of prevention and intervention in relation to child sexual abuse. 

The Goal of the Workshop is to:

  • Provide a comprehensive view of what Child Sexual Abuse Is?
  • Dismantle the Taboos of CSA
  • Share the Effects of CSA
  • Provide Steps for CSA Prevention
  • Help Parent Execute the Protector Role
  • Help Parents Recognize Personal Triggers
We encourage parents to take the Stewards of Children's training.  However, it is not a prerequisite for P.O.P. 

Community Events

Community Strategy Engagement Tables (C-SET) provide opportunities for professionals, elected officials, and community members to engage in informative, healthy dialogue to provide education, engagement, and execution strategies that help cultivate a culture of community safety and transparency for our children, victims, and survivors.  Our desire is to help them regain the courage, strength, and power of their CHOICE their VOICE breaking the silence and cycles of abuse to protect future generations. 

This platform is public and allows professionals to inform the community of the severity of Child Sexual Abuse as a public health issue and the community is afforded the opportunity to ask questions.  The goal is to create a synergistic approach to working relationships that execute strategists to reduce, mitigate and eradicate the risk of any child being sexually abused now or in the future.

Survivor Thriver Recovery

Recovery Incubators serve to help adult survivors navigate through the trauma of their experience with sexual abuse during their childhood.  

Thriver sessions are a total of 12 hours and are taught by trained Ambassadors who serve as Recovery Coaches. 

There will be a THRIVER celebration and Blessing ceremony upon completion. 

Everyone has their own process and we respect that.   We also refer survivors to our network of counselors if the need arises.

 *Counseling is outsourced upon request.

Ambassador Boot Camp

Ambassador Bootcamp is a training intensive for volunteers, survivors, and the community to receive training in RI leadership.  

This training is specific to individuals that would like to take a leadership role in executing the message and mission of Resuscitate Inc in a more formal role.

Due to the severity of our cause, the boot camp is a one-day 4.5 training.   Ambassadors may facilitate survivor incubators.

Our desire is to equip and grow a network of leaders that will provide education and awareness within the sphere of their reach and abroad.  

Prerequisites of Bootcamp:

  • Completion of the Stewards of Children Prevention Training
  • Must be 18 or older   

*This is a volunteer position and it will require consistency and time commitment.  

7 Ways to Join the Movement 

  1. HOST an Awareness Rally, Abuse Prevention Camp, Adult Prevention Camp/Workshop or Recovery Incubator
  2. TRAIN to Protect Children in Your Family, Church, Organization and Community
  3. PARTNER to Help Resuscitate Break Cycles of Abuse and It's Trauma
  4. BECOME an Ambassador  (Must complete Ambassador Bootcamp)
  5. VOLUNTEER by Contributing Your Time, Talents and Skills
  6. DONATE to help further the mission of Resuscitate Inc
  7. REFER Resuscitate to People within Your Network or Personal Reach

For More Information Call 


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