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What Do You Know About Child Sexual Abuse?

What Services Do We Provide?

CEU Trainings

Stewards of Children  Sexual Abuse Prevention Training 

2 Hour C.E.U Available for Professionals

Youth Programs 

YouthWise Prevention Camps for Middle-High School Aged Youth

 (Community Service Hours)

Parent Workshops 

P.O.P. is a  Prevention Workshop for Parents within Faith, Community-based, Youth Serving Organizations and/or Companies.

Community Events 

County Wide Community Strategy Engagement Tables (C-SET)  provide an opportunity for  professionals, elected officials and the community to partner in  awareness, engagement and execution to help prevent child sexual abuse.

Survivor Thriver Recovery

Recovery Incubators serve to help adult survivors navigate through the trauma of their experience with sexual abuse during their childhood through our Survivor Thriver Coaching Curriculum 

Leadership Training

Ambassador Bootcamp serves as the  training intensive for  volunteers, survivors and community  to learn the nuts and bolts of our organization and receive leadership training to properly and efficiently share and execute the message and mission of Resuscitate Inc.  


Resources for child sexual abuse have mostly focused on treatment for victims and criminal justice-oriented approaches for perpetrators.  However, little investment has been made in primary prevention or preventing child sexual abuse.

Source: Centers of Disease Control (Preventing Child Sexual Abuse)



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